Rainbow Dreaming  

Tree planting at Goonengerry School, 1992Image by Jules Harper

Tree planting at Goonengerry School, 1992
Image: © Jules Harper

Forest Song

"Open your ears to the sounds of the forest
The sound of the wind in the leaves
The rushing of water flowing over the stones
Every small creature that breathes
Hear the birds sing as they play with the wind
Up in the branches so high
Know if we don't change the way that we're living
All of this beauty must die
Open your eyes to the sights of the forest
The cascades of colour and form
Every small place that you look around
A new kind of beauty is born
See the tall trees reaching up to the sky
The seedlings that spring from the earth
YOU, are the ones, who now must decide
How much is this really worth."

Danny Brauchli, Terania Creek Protest, 1979

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