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Acupuncture Healing, Nmbingee, 1997Image by Graeme Batterbury

Acupuncture Healing, Nmbingee, 1997
Image: © Graeme Batterbury

Holistic Health

My name is Denise Perroux. I am a registered Medical Practitioner. Eighteen years ago I came from an orthodox healing background where surgery, drugs, lotions and potions are used to help the physical body. For many years I have been moving into a different arena of healing that is more in accord with my nature. Here we (the client and I) seek to go beyond treating bodily symptoms of ' dis-ease' and tap into the cause of disharmony and take command of the error in thought that has given rise, eventually, to a physical disorder.

We are the designers of our physical wellbeing, and our thoughts and feelings effect our body. If you feel happy, the body shows a smile. If you think a sad thought, the body shows tears. If you are afraid, certain hormones are secreted and muscles become tense. The thought sets the muscle tone, the flowing of blood, the rate of breathing etc.

By manipulating energy pathways, meridians, nerves, lymph glands, blood vessels and muscles, through touch, acupressure massage or shiatsu, and by holding the client in the highest regard in one' s mind, a change towards harmony and ease ensues.

By doing certain meditations, visualisations, yoga postures and breathing techniques to better oxygenate the tissues, the client and myself re-enter, re-connect ourselves to our innocent, blissful, peaceful centre - our source of joy.

It is very simple. When we are loving and approving of ourselves and others, when we are free of guilt and judgemental thoughts, free of past habits and patterns of thought that no longer serve us, our bodies follow suit and blossom into health. Love is the healing. That's all!

Dr Denise Perroux, Nimbin

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