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St. Bob, of the Order of the Sacred Smoke, Nimbin, 1993Image by Harsha Prabhu

St. Bob, Order of the Sacred Smoke, 1st Mardi Grass, Nimbin, 1st May, 1993
Image: © Harsha Prabhu

Holy Smoke

The Mardi Grass Fiesta is a unique cultural event devoted to debunking all the official brainwashing that infects the prohibition issue. The cannabis plant is probably humanity's oldest and most versatile plant ally, but due to privilege, prejudice and a misuse of power it is now an outlaw and those who associate with it are called criminals. The drug war is, in fact, a civil war waged by the government against an increasing number of its own people and, as in most wars, the first casualty has been truth.

Our material affluence derives from plundering resources that could condemn future generations to poverty and deplete the capacity of our planet's life support systems. Economic rationalism dominates our relationships with others and our response to nature (ganja is hardly ever mentioned these days without a cash value being placed on it), and social values are manipulated to serve individual desire rather than the common good. The legislative and judicial system that supports the dominant culture is fundamentally flawed and celebrates and rewards greed and self-interest.

The drug laws are a perfect example of such a bad administration. The prohibition strategy does little in stemming drug use, and mainly benefits the criminal element and politically expedient politicians. The inducements offered by the black market economy corrupts not only officials but good citizens...It creates disrespect, suspicion and fear in our communities. Bad laws like these simply breed disorder.

We love our culture and our community. There is a special power moving in these hills and valleys and we are accompanied here by spirits who guide and protect us. Our world is suffused with a very ordinary but pervasive form of spirituality...For many of us, cannabis has a part in our lives as a sacrament, a healing agent and a shared communion. It is a generous and open plant-being that offers much to enhance our lives. Since the beginning of recorded history cannabis has been referred to as a spiritual aid and it is in recognition of this facet of its interaction with humankind that we have designated 1997's Mardi Grass as the Year of the Holy Smoke.

For a small town we're running a big program of educative, informative and fun events. We're gathering together in a spirit of peace, fun and friendship, but also with a serious and responsible intent. We're trying to help create a saner, more just and more compassionate world. Together we'll make this beautiful world we were born to nourish and to protect a better place...

From the 1997 Nimbin Mardi Grass Program

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