Rainbow Dreaming  

Dolphins at Wategos Beach

Dolphins off Wategos Beach, Byron Bay
Image: © John D’erry


All creation is a lovesong
written just for you
A bright symphony of miracles
that we are blessed to wander thru.

Each day the sun rises like a newborn king
seeking the heart of his beloved queen
and there she lies before him
so beautifully attired
in dewdrops of the purest crystals
all glistening in the exquisite morning light.

While we pilgrims lie in our dreamsoft beds
so innocent and pure
Wrapped up in the arms of our holy mother morning
as the rapture of another day
Comes tapping its rhythms on our door.

"Arise and awaken
come forth and kiss the dawn
Come shiver in the delicious bliss
come clothe yourself in the beauty
Into which you have been born"
For you are the beloved one
the long unbroken chord
Consciousness revealing its deepest pleasure
its perfection naked and unadorned.

Come wander thru the wonderlands
that you awaken with your touch
your every glance a blessing
your breath the brush of love
That paints you into the picture
then dissolves you in one stroke
As the rising blood red sun
Becomes the eternal prayer
In the heart of everyone.

Surrender you are surrounded
there is no way out but in
Into the centre of this crazy lovesong
that has no beginning and knows no end.

Gina Lacosta, Byron Bay

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