Rainbow Dreaming  

Byron Peace Carnival 2005

Byron Peace Carnival, 20th March, 2005
Image: © Jeff Dawson/Byron Echo

May Peace Prevail

This Rainbow Region on the North Coast of New South Wales chooses to take pride in the fact that, since the sixties cultural ‘explosion’, the area has been at the forefront of forward thinking for the whole nation on issues to do with social, political and spiritual transformation, the tip of the spear of change.

Deeper understandings gained by showing due respect to the original people of the area, the aboriginal tribes, informs the new settlers that we are drawn here through our spiritual connection to be the new guardians of the spirit of this land, that holds in its deep and ancient wisdom much promise for tomorrow.

We rainbow cultures of this region – emigrants from all parts of the globe - join with the original custodians in asserting the fact that all life is precious, beautiful beyond belief and we become one with it all by connecting to life as perfect in every way.

We believe that peace is gained with the deep acceptance and gratitude for the understandings realised through connecting with the birds, animals, plants and insects of this bounteous and plentiful region.

We gleefully take this sovereign responsibility in hand as we walk together on the path of co-creation of a peaceful and free world for all.

Binnah Pownall, peace activist, Nimbin

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