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'Boys at the Crossing'.Dharmananda Community, 1995Image by Graeme Batterbury

'Boys at the Crossing'.
Dharmananda Community, 1995
Image by Graeme Batterbury

Circle of Men

"When I am on a high mountain, looking out over the country, my unggur (life force) flows out from inside my body, and I fall open in happiness."
David Mowaljarlai (1928-1997), Aboriginal elder and teacher, Circle of Men

We live in times of increasing complexity and rapidity of change that are unparalleled in human history. It is a time of upheaval. The challenge is to keep our hearts and minds open and inquire; for great change evokes fear, tempting us to close down and look for simplistic solutions.

We need to re-evaluate the roles we have in life otherwise we become stuck in habit. This is the great tragedy, for then we become machines, rather than people exercising our God given minds and hearts and capacity for choice.

The North Coast region has made an enormous contribution to the development of a Men's Movement in Australia. This movement is dedicated to helping men to live their lives in fullness. To that end many projects and initiatives have been undertaken to assist men in the task of re-considering their understanding of masculinity and the ways they act in the world.

Men in the region have pioneered groups for men to overcome the use of violence and abuse in relationships, as well as general men's support groups and groups for young men. The Men's Line telephone counselling service, a Men's Contact and Resource Centre, and gatherings that focus on different aspects of men's creativity and spirituality are other initiatives.

Men from all over Australia have come to the Standing Up Alive gatherings and Men's Leadership gatherings organised by the Circle of Men. In this way the unique spirit of the North Coast and men who live here has inspired and encouraged projects Australia wide.

John Allan, The Circle of Men

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