Rainbow Dreaming  

Queen of the Mardi GrassImage by Harsha Prabhu

Queen of the Mardi Grass
Image: © Harsha Prabhu

Rainbow Woman

There was a time before you were born
She was the calm in the eye of the storm
A man and a woman, passioned in love
They gave birth to a freedom child.
We are the children of vision and light
We'll steer the planet through the perilous night
So lift up your heart and raise your voices
Tell the people just what their choice is.
There is a woman who weaves the night sky
See how she spins, see her fingers fly
She'll stand beside us from begining to end
She's our mother, our lover, our friend.
She is the weaver and we are the web
She is the needle and we are the thread.
She changes everything she touches
And everything she touches, changes
Change us, touch us, touch us, change us
Everything she touches, changes
Rainbow woman, spirit woman
Goddess woman, loving woman
Rainbow, rainbow.

Rainbow Chant

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