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Magic Kinoko Landscape
Image: © Sayaka Nakao

Don't Mention The Plants

I believe hippie culture in Australia can thank magic mushrooms for its quiet inspiration. During the sixties and seventies, psilocybin cubensis and other minor psychedelic mushrooms, including a few native species, took on the work of raising human consciousness after generations of systematic programming.

Then in 1995 something truly wonderful happened on the east coast of Australia; a certain species of Acacia extended itself to communicate with humans, to share its psychedelic nature ... and this shy little wattle tree turned out to be the key to multidimensional knowledge!

A newfound enthusiasm quickly snowballed as everything began to dramatically change. Art, music and general knowledge expanded; and the alternative culture began to gel once more into a coherent tribal underground. A fledgling shamanism stirred within the land of love, re-initiating the ever-evolving process of awakening.

Magic medicine plants journeyed from all over the world to align their own plant messages with Acacia, supporting this courageous new frequency. The proud San Pedro cactus came from across the seas to teach us of the deep majestic beauty of life and how we must surrender to the Spirit of Creation.

Ayahuasca vines crept in to help deliver the message: Honour the earth with your love, for everything comes from her and her plant kingdom: our air, food, medicine, clothing, and religious experiences and spiritual knowledge... even space travel, if that’s what you so desire!

There was immense joy as the awakening continued to spread, such was the magic of these plants, with legendary psychedelic parties and wild visions and successful healing with plant medicines all working their way into the everyday fabric of life. Shamanic houses materialised and tremendous rivalries grew as markets opened up for all things herbal.
All that had changed by 2006, with the formation of special federal crime bodies, the introduction of behind-closed-doors inquiries, and top-secret star chambers with 10-billion-dollar budgets to spend each year. Shamanism became the new secret enemy.

But what to do? This shamanism-thing is a hard topic to get your head around, let alone master. Myriad deeper sub-strata of consciousness seethe and boil beneath the oppression of the ages, literally just a molecule away. One day the earth and its people will be free, and we will need all the knowledge the plants have given us. The truth cannot be suppressed forever!

I believe it is the plants who are the healers, as well as the shamans themselves. But powerful plants have powerful enemies too. That’s why these plant allies need friends like you and me, as they love to share everything they have! The magic of psychedelic plants is boundless, the mystery ever unfolding, trip by trip, into a fantastic story that never ends ... never can! And that’s the elegant beauty of a fractal reality. I can’t even begin to describe its magnificence; that remains for you to discover yourself!

Floyd Davis, psychedelic road warrior and author of ‘Angelmote'

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