Rainbow Dreaming  

Gaia Choir, Mullumbimby, 1992Image by John W McCormick

Gaia Choir, Mullumbimby, 1992
Image: © John W McCormick


Who are the witches?
Where do they come from?
Maybe your great great grandmother was one
Witches were wise wise women they say
And there's a little witch in every woman today.

Song/Gaia Choir

Witch / Goddess

In my life, the Goddess represents a merging of beliefs that have developed over the years: political, ecological, feminist, and to do with self-empowerment.

It was while I was taking part in the Wimmins Protests at Pine Gap in 1983, that I first felt Her in a very tangible way. It seemed that the more violent the patriarchy became towards us (in the form of police intimidation and manhandling), the stronger and more courageous we, the wimmin opposing militarism, patriarchal power, and the war machine, became. Nothing could dampen our resolve and our sisterly solidarity. This is how it has been for the womens' spirituality (or Wicca) movement for hundreds of years, and now its (nearly) safe to 'come out' as a witch.

Which brings me to the present...full moon in Libra, the sign of peace and balance. So our group reached out, first in a song of lament for the women who vanished in Chile under Pinochet's junta; then a silent prayer for strength and courage directed to the women in Bosnia and Serbia, in Africa, and wherever oppression and patriarchal violence is taking place. We felt their pain, their sorrow, their oppression.

I do not divorce my spirituality from my everyday life. Even such basic tasks as preparing food become a spiritual occasion, by acknowledging and thanking the Earth Mother for providing the ingredients, the soil, the rain, the sun. I take full responsibility for my life and my actions.

I closely adhere to the four sacred laws of witches: do what you will and harm no-one or no-thing; what you give out returns to you threefold (good and bad alike); every action has its natural consequence; be careful what you wish for as you will surely get it.

May the blessings of the Goddess be upon us all, and may we feel Her divinity within us, both women and men.

Blessed Be

Pana, Nimbin

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